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Europa Workintense Ltd., outsourcing and recruitment agency focused on recruiting of industrial, technical and service personnel, construction workers, laborers, professionals, service staff, medical, IT personnel from Eastern Europe to work in Western Eu

Outsourcing and recruitment agency Europa Workintense (Europa Workintense spol. s r.o.) is for already 25 years successfully engaged in the process of implementation of outsourcing contracts and, as a recruitment agency, in the employment of foreign nationals in the Czech Republic, since 2015 in Poland and the Slovak Republic, and since 2016 in Hungary.

Job in Czech Republic

Welcome to our website Job in Czech Republic, which is dedicated to job and employment search in Czech Republic!

Here you will find current job openings in Czech Republic. Our job openings in Czech Republic are regularly updated. Therefore, you will always be aware which specialists the employers from Czech Republic want to hire. Job in Czech Republic is available to professionals of different disciplines.

Working in Czech Republic - Visa Requirements

Do you need a visa for working in the Czech Republic?

Working in Czech Republic opens up new opportunities not only for professional growth, but also for the all-round development.

Although to find a job in Czech Republic is difficult and it takes a long time, but after that you can see the world, improve your level of Czech and make good money.


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