Working in Czech Republic - Visa Requirements

Do you need a visa for working in the Czech Republic?

Working in Czech Republic opens up new opportunities not only for professional growth, but also for the all-round development.

Although to find a job in Czech Republic is difficult and it takes a long time, but after that you can see the world, improve your level of Czech and make good money.

Working in Czech Republic has become ever more popular for foreigners. The city welcomes foreigners with an open and thriving economy, not to mention high living standards. Find out all you need to know about moving and working in Czech Republic on

To search job offers in Czech Republic you can in two ways: looking through information on the internet (for example, on the website of the Ministry of Labour of the Czech Republic) or asking for help a recruitment agency, which will help you with search for permanent or temporary work, as the middle man between you and potential employers.  

Do you need a visa for working in the Czech Republic?

If you are a citizen of a EU member state you can enjoy the freedom to move to the Czech Republic without a visa. Citizens of other countries must apply for a visa to work. 

Before taking a decision to work in Czech Republic you should find out what sort of visa you require and apply for it at in your country. There are only two main categories: long-term and short-term (Schengen) visas.

Both of them can be issued for employment purposes, but also you will need a work permit, for which you must apply at a Czech Labor Office before applying for a visa. 

As for the vacant positions in Czech Republic which are in the highest demand, primarily, they are vacancies for specialists in IT, catering, construction, services.

Secondly, in the Czech Republic there is a great shortage of doctors. This is due to the fact that Czech doctors are leaving to work abroad. A special program to facilitate the integration of foreign physicians into the health system of the Czech Republic has beed designed. 

An excellent option for working in Czech Republic is to go up to a university in the Czech Republic. In Czech public universities education is free for students from abroad.

If you are not applying for working in Czech Republic as a skilled professional, it is not necessary to be fluent in the Czech language. But at least a conversational level is welcomed.

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