Working in Czech Republic - Plenty of Opportunities

Plenty of opportunities for foreign workers in Czech Republic

Convenient location - Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic, which is situated in the centre of Europe. Well-developed transportation and infrastructure systems make connection between East and West more effective, thus providing an excellent base for foreign investment in the region and, in it´s part, more jobs.

Jobs for both skilled and unskilled workforces

Jobs in Czech Republic are available for people, who require specific skills. Welders, bricklayers, turners, mechanics, specialists in the manufacture of plastic products, builders and others are required to work in Czech Republic.

Unskilled workers, such as packers, porters, storekeepers, can also find a job in Czech Republic.

What about the work in Czech Republic for women? Women can easily find jobs for nurses, maids, cleaners, seamstresses and cashiers in supermarkets.

To apply for a skilled job in Czech Republic you should speak Czech. English is also widely spoken in Czech Republic. To perform unskilled work in Czech Republic it is not necessary to speak Czech or other foreign languages.

Have you already made your decision to work in Czech Republic? It is a good opportunity, because often employers in Czech Republic offer free housing, food and provision of transportation to the place of work. There are also plenty of jobs in Czech Republic for couples.

Many employers offer seasonal work in Czech Republic: for builders, waiters, bartenders and cleaners in hotels.

To find a job in Czech Republic is possible through recruitment agencies or applying to the company and dealing with the employer directly.

Open economy

Czech Republic with Prague, the historical capital of Bohemia, and Moravia is one of the leading manufacturing economies in the world. Today, roughly 37% of the total labor force works in the industrial sector.

The Czech Republic’s major industries are:

  • motor vehicles
  • machinery and equipment
  • metallurgy and metalworking
  • glass
  • brewing
  • electronics
  • paper products
  • chemicals and others.

The largest single industry is automotive industry, which accounts for around 21% of the Czech industrial output. Brewing industry is also a significant industry in the country. In 2011 the Czech Republic accounted for almost two percent of the European beer market. So, work in Czech Republic is very attractive.

But work in Czech Republic it is not only work in manufacturing sector. Tourism is also important developing industry, providing a lot of jobs in Czech Republic and thus the substantial source of income to people working in the Czech Republic. Czech Republic is becoming increasingly popular tourist destination and continues to attract record numbers of tourists every year.

Challenges for foreign workers in Czech Republic

The main obstacle for foreigners who wish to work in Prague is the Czech language, which is not one of the easiest languages to learn. While English is indeed widely spoken and many international companies conduct their business in English, to work in Czech Republic you need have at least a basic knowledge of Czech.

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